Our Services

We offer a range of services with a primary focus on understanding our clients business. We believe that compliance without understanding business is an artificial process, without understanding a business, how it functions, the people and processes within a business, risks cannot be truly understood or managed effectively. Praesidium’s approach is to provide a full range business advisory practice integrating compliance and risk management into commercial operations- transferring regulatory risk into commercial risk, the latter in turn promoting a greater compliance culture within an organization.


Our service offering covers various financial sectors, including specialism in funds and Islamic finance as well as supporting general business operations both regulated and non-regulated commercial operations.

Leading New Initiatives

The core team has been at the forefront of a number of initiatives, willing to consider the benefits of change in the industry and compliance, Praesidium leads on new initiatives including:

  • Licensing the first Category 5 operation in the DIFC;
  • Facilitating the growth of the DIFC funds sector, including testing various legal forms in the DIFC;
  • Advising on the first DIFC QIF;
  • Coordinating Islamic finance initiatives both within a wholly Sharia compliant structure and Islamic Window;
  • Advising on the implementation of Islamic finance within secular financial systems;
  • Focusing on enhancing the viability of investments into genuine and appropriately organized Digital Assets (Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain and related technology) within the regulated financial services industry;
  • Advising on and developing an online KYC and AML process for a digital wallet;
  • Assisting with the 1st application of the Dubai Lands Department and DIFC MOU for Real Estate investments via DIFC vehicles;

Our Services

Regulatory Approvals

Specialism in seeking regulatory approvals (DFSA, DIFC and elsewhere) for different categories of business activity including:
  • the establishment of the relevant entity, providing a ‘turnkey’ service.
  • Significant Expertise in fund / fund manager applications
  • Ad-hoc regulatory applications and filings including
  • Waivers,
  • Variation In Scope of Licence,
  • Endorsements,
  • Withdrawals,

Non- Regulated Applications

Preparation of applications for non-regulated approvals within the DIFC and jurisdictions outside the DIFC.
  • Expertise in setting up
  • Proprietary,
  • Investment holding companies,
  • Family offices,
  • Representative offices

Fund / Manager Services

Praesidium has been facilitating the establishment of fund managers and funds in the DIFC and elsewhere, with significant expertise in DFSA fund/ fund manager approvals offered as a ‘turnkey’ solution extending to services to the proposed fund.
  • Fund Application and Coordination services
  • Licensing for Fund Managers;
  • Development of Investment Procedures
  • Fund Set Ups (Conventional and Sharia Compliant)
  • Coordination services for funds (Single Window Service)

Compliance Services

Praesidium offers business focused compliance and risk services ensuring better integration of compliance within the business operations. The suite of services includes:
  • Compliance & AML CTF Services
  • Compliance Outsourcing
  • Compliance Oversight
  • Risk Management
  • Development of Compliance, AML, Governance and risk policies and procedures including adapted global procedures
  • Ad-hoc regulatory applications
  • Regulatory Reviews
  • Business Transaction Risk Assessments
  • Marketing due diligence and procedures

AML, CTF & Due Diligence

Supporting compliance services, Praesidium offers AML services as follows:
  • AML & CTF Outsourcing
  • AML & CTF Oversight
  • Client and Investment Due Diligence Services
  • Development of AML Risk Maps
  • Development of AML policies and procedures including adapted global procedures
  • Client Take on services

Islamic Finance

Praesidium’s management is well regarded in the field of Islamic finance and the Firm is able to provide its full scope of services to both conventional and Sharia compliant institutions.
  • Regulatory Licensing
  • Sharia Systems and Controls;
  • Policies and Procedures for Islamic Institutions
  • Islamic Endorsement applications
  • Training


Preparation and delivery of training across various subjects including:
  • Compliance 101
  • Regulatory Risk
  • AML & CTF Training
  • Regional AML & CTF Training
  • Risk Management
  • Marketing
  • Islamic Finance

Business Concierge Services

To support new entities establishing, Praesidium provides additional supporting services to facilitate entry and operational status in the DIFC.
Our services include ancillary applications such as:
  • DIFC Visa Services
  • Assistance with Establishment Cards
  • Coordination of supporting services for establishment in the DIFC

Corporate Services

Praesidium is registered as a Designated Non Financial Body Professional with the DFSA (F004514) and provides corporate services including:
  • Company Secretarial Services;
  • Incorporation of DIFC entities;
  • SPC and SPV set up

Our Expertise

DFSA Authorisation

Praesidium has experience in every
category of financial services and
provides the following services:

Regulatory Licence Applications

Praesidium provides advice and assistance to clients wishing to establish in other jurisdictions, including the preparation of viability reports.

Compliance Oversight

Praesidium acts as an extended Compliance department for the in-house functions and provides full support to the in-house compliance officer.


Praesidium has been heavily involved in
supporting the growth of the DIFC as a
centre for funds.

Supporting Services

Praesidium can also provide, or facilitate
the sourcing of a full suite of services.

Islamic Finance

Praesidium has pioneered ideas in the
regulation of Islamic finance including
process for reviewing and isolating
regulatory risks in Islamic finance.

​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​

Corporate Social

Praesidium has pioneered ideas in the
regulation of Islamic finance including
process for reviewing and isolating
regulatory risks in Islamic finance

Our Services

Our services are fine tuned to the business operations of our clients ensuring that the reputation of our clients is protected through the effective application of financial services regulations. Our services being offered as a full end to end solution, from initial licensing to full support services post licence.
Our suite of services includes:

DFSA Authorisation

Regulatory Licensing

Outsourced Compliance

Compliance Oversight

AML & CTF Training

Compliance Training

AML & CTF Outsourced

Client Take On Processing

Business Transaction Risk

Regulatory Reviews

AML Filings

UAE Central Bank (AMLSCU
Bi-Annual Filings)

Praesidium Advisory Ltd is a DIFC Company
Limited by shares CL 2371.
Registered with the DFSA F004515.
Registered address Office 104,
Al Fattan Currency House. DIFC.
PO Box 506676.
VAT TRN 100374474300003

Our Expertise

  • DFSA Authorisation
  • Regulatory Licence Applications
  • Compliance Outsourcing & Oversight
  • AML & CTF Services
  • Training
  • Islamic Finance
  • Corporate & Secretarial Services
  • Business Concierge Services
  • Fund Services
  • ​​​​​​​Non-Regulated Set Up’s

About Us

Praesidium Advisory Ltd (‘Praesidium’) is a client advisory practice integrating business with compliance, risk and controls.​​