Praesidium has been heavily involved in supporting the growth of the DIFC as a centre for funds.
Praesidium launched a fast track application process specializing in the application for DFSA approval for DIFC Fund Managers of all types of funds as well as organising a specialized Fund.

Services Coordination service creating a ‘plug in and play’ for DIFC funds with direct access to specialized service providers to support the fund (such as fund administrator, custodians, subscription facilities, fund auditors, and lawyers).

Praesidium has been heavily involved in supporting the fund sector, including:

Successful licensing of a number of DIFC Fund Managers under the fast track initiative;

  • Successful application and launch of the first DIFC Qualified Investor Fund (QIF);
  • Involvement in listed Public Funds;
  • Launch and oversight over DIFC Exempt Funds;
  • Launch and oversight over DIFC Qualified Investor Funds;
  • Application for External Fund Managers;
  • Formulating bespoke policies for DIFC Domestic Fund Managers;
  • Supporting prominent DIFC Fund platforms with full compliance and risk oversight.

Praesidium Advisory Ltd is a DIFC Company
Limited by shares CL 2371.
Registered with the DFSA F004515.
Registered address Office 104,
Al Fattan Currency House. DIFC.
PO Box 506676.
VAT TRN 100374474300003

Our Expertise

  • DFSA Authorisation
  • Regulatory Licence Applications
  • Compliance Outsourcing & Oversight
  • AML & CTF Services
  • Training
  • Islamic Finance
  • Corporate & Secretarial Services
  • Business Concierge Services
  • Fund Services
  • ​​​​​​​Non-Regulated Set Up’s

About Us

Praesidium Advisory Ltd (‘Praesidium’) is a client advisory practice integrating business with compliance, risk and controls.​​