Who We Are

Praesidium Advisory Ltd (‘Praesidium’) is a client advisory practice integrating business with compliance and risk. Praesidium was founded by Hari Bhambra, a post graduate in law and a seasoned professional with 20 years experience in financial services, having been part of 2 regulatory development projects (UK FSA and DIFC DFSA), and advisor to other regulators in respect of the regulation of Islamic Finance, including integration of Islamic Finance into secular financial systems.
This being combined with commercial experience with Goldman Sachs International, her academic and professional background is representative of how Praesidium implements its service offering, which is to view a business model both from a commercial and regulatory perspective. The management of Praesidium has a strong 10 year presence in the DIFC guiding its team which combines commercial acumen with regulation, risk and controls.
With its strong presence in the centre, Praesidium has always been at the forefront of numerous initiatives across the DIFC, supporting and facilitating innovation.
The international experience of the team, understanding of the region and culture ensures a service offering which blends international best practice into the applicable regional context. Praesidium’s service delivery aims to be Relevant, Effective and ProActive

What makes us different?

Unlike other firms, Praesidium is a business orientated advisory practice which integrates business into compliance, risk and control, rather than imposing compliance and risk onto business which inevitably fails to effectively manage risk.


with businesses ensures better integration and adherence to applicable regulations through a process of understanding our clients business first. Praesidium’s team being formed of a mix of former regulators, lawyers and investment professionals enables a complete understanding of business risk to enable a more focused compliance and regulatory service. This business orientated approach underpins the manner in which Praesidium services its clients.

​​​​​​​integrating business with compliance

Our Services

DFSA Authorisation
Regulatory Licensing
Compliance Outsourcing & Oversight
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​AML & CTF Services
Islamic Finance
Corporate & Secretarial Services

Business Concierge Services
Fund Services


​​​​​​​Non-Regulated Set Up’s



What we stand for

In order to provide our range of services, Praesidium adheres to the following business principles:

  • The interests of our clients are of paramount importance.
  • To understand our client we must become our client.
  • We will act with openness, integrity, and diligence. We will always adhere to the spirit of the laws that govern us. Our continued success depends upon uncompromised adherence to this standard.
  • We must listen carefully and understand truly our client’s needs. Only then can we deliver the most effective solutions.
  • Our quality and drive must never be compromised. We will put the resources of our firm behind all our people to help realise our client’s goals.
  • When hiring we understand that one size does not fit all. One by one we select the most exceptional and spirited individuals. We believe this is instrumental to our success.
  • We will promote a challenging high performance culture. We will do this by encouraging personal accountability and professional development. We will measure, recognise and reward success.
  • The epitome of our service evolves around teamwork. Our clients have access to not one but all of our professionals.
  • We must continue to evolve. We must strive for innovative service. We know that complacency will lead to failure.
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Praesidium Advisory Ltd is a DIFC Company
Limited by shares CL 2371.
Registered with the DFSA F004515.
Registered address Office 104,
Al Fattan Currency House. DIFC.
PO Box 506676.
VAT TRN 100374474300003

Our Expertise

  • DFSA Authorisation
  • Regulatory Licence Applications
  • Compliance Outsourcing & Oversight
  • AML & CTF Services
  • Training
  • Islamic Finance
  • Corporate & Secretarial Services
  • Business Concierge Services
  • Fund Services
  • ​​​​​​​Non-Regulated Set Up’s

About Us

Praesidium Advisory Ltd (‘Praesidium’) is a client advisory practice integrating business with compliance, risk and controls.​​